Used to act incredulous and deflect blame when you're called out for being corrupt, an asshole and a liar.
Hey Joe, there's actually a video tape of you admitting to blackmailing the Ukrainians.
O come on man, that has been totally debunked. my homies already said it didn't happen.
by Maskolicism October 23, 2020
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Phrase used repeatedly to annoy and mock your friends during an interview
Suho: come on man!

Baekhyun: yEaHh Big DeaAl! CoMe Onn MaN !! COmE OnN!!
by Kaeppsong June 4, 2017
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The phrase Joe Biden uses when his opponent says something he has no logical counter to, in an attempt to discredit them without having to actually be able to form a cogent thought.
Come On, Man! - Why The Hell Would I Take a Test?!
by Evey Hammond October 25, 2020
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What you say when someone says or does something stupid.
Originally seen on Football Night in America.

Can be elongated or stretched out if quote/action is incredibly stupid. i.e. cooommmme oooonnnn, mmaaaaannnnn.
Tim: "Do you think that coke machine accepts pennies?"
Me: "Come On, Man."

Jeff: *playing basketball, shoots an airball when his teammates were open.
Teammates: "Come On, Man!"
by cline26 May 31, 2010
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A term used to encourage or discourage someone. Typically used by young black men and obnoxious white bitches.
by Bitcheslivinintexas January 2, 2017
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Quote from the father of the ultimate big dicked chad, Hunter Biden who smokes crack while getting footjobs!
Trump : *Tells random lies*

"Come on, Man!"
by andeh_____ November 19, 2020
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Something bullshit politicians say when they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

A fuck job, a ripoff
Hey Joe are you going to make America great again?
Ahhhh come on man, you know the thing.
by Virtual Figure August 27, 2020
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