When a woman straddles another person or an object and slides down with their vaginas, leaving a mucousy trail, like a slug. Preferably when the woman is lubricated and shaven.
"She was so kinky she asked me if I was down to be slugged by her. I totally was."

"She was slugging his arm when I walked in..I have never seen anything so disgusting."

"Michael wanted to be slugged in the face by the hooker, unfortunately though, she was a He."
by shakillashark April 03, 2010
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To rub one's wet vagina across a surface.
I was unhappy with the level of professionalism provided by my gynecologist, so I slugged the exam chair before leaving.
by verb:slug January 10, 2017
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A greasy or sweaty person with low personal hygiene, a 'Slug' is also someone who is slow and sort of squelches around in their own sweat. Usually shouted at the someone with these characteristics.

Forget slug meaning a bullet. This makes more sense and you know it does.
(a fat sweaty spotty person squelches past)
Guy 1: Awww look at that, urrggh do they know what a shower is?
Guy 2: S...S...SSSLLUUGG!!
Guy 1: Bahahahahahahahhahaha what the hell, slug?

Guy 2: yes, oh yes...Slug
by Beetrootboy December 06, 2012
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Slug means any kind of bullet or round in most urban areas. The proper meaning when talking about amunition is a solid shot gun round that is fired from a rifled bore shot gun, making slugs the most accurate type of shot gun round. Rifled slugs are also available for shooting slugs through smooth bore shot guns. In the Baltimore metropolitan area, a slug means a dollar, typically a dollar bill. It's usually used when asking or stating to have or borrow a dollar rather than stating the cost of something that is worth a dollar.
Let me hold a slug so I can get a rillo from the store. -Baltimore region.

Shawn caught a slug last night. The doctor said he might not make it. -Most urban regions
by Al of Baltimore May 20, 2010
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A really slow-ass bug. You can defeat it by using salt.
Damn, this slug got on me and started sucking away at my life. Good thing I had my salt handy.
by The Butler April 17, 2005
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