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When someone is hurt by the girl whos tag name is "slug" this generally means being punched it the face or being pushed onto a wicker sofa.
Daniel got slugged! by Savanna!
Ohhhh you're gonna get slugged!
by I'm famous now December 06, 2010
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slut-mugged. When a slut is used as bait for a mugging.
Before you start whorin' around, let me tell you this story...

Last summer I got SLUGGED:

I went to a motel with this slut, and when I was fucking her, 3 dudes ran in and mugged me.
by Freddy Foxhound May 29, 2006
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feeling fatigued or shitty; describing a poor perfomance.
"man, i woke up at 4 and my grill was SLUGGED"
"that test slugged me up"
by fagach February 05, 2004
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