Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
by AC October 22, 2003
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A slug (usually on snapchat or twitter) is when you are talking shit about someone but you do not direct or say it towards to person ; a subliminal message
Example of a Slug // Caption: " I find it funny how girls be all over a dude who doesn't want them🤔🤔"

The opposite of a slug // Caption: " I find it funny how Brittany is all over guys who don't want her🤔🤔"
Used in a sentence // I was throwing slugs on snapchat about Brittany
by Truencydoctor December 4, 2016
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Gold, platinum teeth

mainly used in New Orleans
What kinda nigga got buku slugs in his mouth
What kinda nigga got buku drugs in his house
- Juvenile
by thaflu May 6, 2008
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people who are to damn slow to get with it, or catch up in any situation.
"hey baby, tell them slugs to kick rocks, and settle down with the best"
"that guys a slug man. lets just go."
by grand_flash July 5, 2009
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nba slackers, a phrase used by Charles Barkley describing the Miami Heat's supporting cast
Those slugs on the Heat got to step up, Shaq and Wade can't do all the work
by RE1000 May 17, 2006
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a organisation of 3 people consisting of the commander, god father and the hero of slugs. Thier is also a king slug. The motto "do not mess with the best because the best do not mess.

"they are the people"
king slug "unknown"
commander "neil lovell"
godfather "david gourley"
national hero "andy graham"

snails do not count
by snoop dog June 1, 2004
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