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v. to dictate with blind optimism based on purely qualitative statements with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. It may or may not involve gross hypocrisy depending on what an adjudicator appointed by the 'blunketter' decides. You can make the definition circular by describing the adjudicator to the 'blunkettee' as 'independent'.
'Sorry, no Christmas presents for the bairns this year, love, the boss has blunketted our overtime, saying it protects us by complying with the European Working Time Directive.'

'Stop that, I don't like it, or I'll blunkett you! For your own good.'
by Juan December 4, 2004
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Urban slang that is short for young'n, which is short for young one. An integral part of DC slang.
"Git off me young before I steal yo ass."
by Juan February 18, 2005
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Ey vato, look out for la jura up the street.
by Juan August 27, 2003
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ugly pimpley boy with annoying voice
Tell that NilkNarf kid to stop comming over and asking about Mvc2
by Juan April 4, 2004
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12 ounce bottles of beer.
"Dude. I got a case of long necks. We're gettin so fucked up tonight."
by Juan February 18, 2005
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An obnoxious attention-whore mod on an internet forum. May or may not repeat the same jokes over and over and over again.
150cc can suck a cheetah's hiney, I think he was behind the plot to ban Juan.
by Juan November 14, 2003
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