Slugging is the act of rubbing vaseline all over the front of your naked body, then sliding around like a slug on your kitchen floor (or any floor where it is possible to slide, tarmac is ill advised).
I heard that guy was caught Slugging by his father last night, what a pervert.
by Lil' Will October 30, 2012
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The ACT of precumming and leaving a trail of semen on one's body or after vaginal sex not cleaning the penis and leaving mixed bodily fluids trails along one's body mainly the butt during spooning
Good morning you may want to wipe your but I was slugging on you last night
by Ghostkb August 23, 2019
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A sexual act performed by a man and either another man or woman. The man sperms on the back of the other person and then belly slides across and over the person leaving a slug-like trail on the back of the victim.
"Chef Slugged me last night!"
"Alex always Slugs Aqua"
"I love slugging Nick"
by Chef Watson July 26, 2017
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When a female gets cream pied so her pussy is all gloopy. She then drags her pussy across the floor resembling a slug trail
Lets do some slugging!!!
by CathalWeirdNameWTF June 29, 2015
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The act of covering ones self in petroleum jelly and then proceeding to mimic a slug.
Guy 1: What are you doing this weekend?
Guy 2: My girlfriend and I were going to go slugging at the mall.
by Crypt of Lieberkuehn November 19, 2011
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Acting dumb; performing an activity slowly;
You won't be able to catch up to me if you keep slugging like that.
by TaShun Booher October 15, 2006
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