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Slug is the ultimate epitome of laziness. A state of idleness and inactivity, primary caused by excessive weed or alcohol consumption.
eg: Severe slugging after smoking a blunt.
eg: I've had too much to drink, i'm in need of a severe slug.
by Xephh July 02, 2014
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A slug (usually on snapchat or twitter) is when you are talking shit about someone but you do not direct or say it towards to person ; a subliminal message
Example of a Slug // Caption: " I find it funny how girls be all over a dude who doesn't want them🤔🤔"

The opposite of a slug // Caption: " I find it funny how Brittany is all over guys who don't want her🤔🤔"
Used in a sentence // I was throwing slugs on snapchat about Brittany
by Truencydoctor December 04, 2016
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the word "slug" has a variety of definitions:

1. a bullet
2. a shot (of liquor)
3. to punch or knock unconscious

these definitions can often be found in hard-boiled detective fiction popularized by writers such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett in the 1930s and 1940s.
1. I fired a couple of slugs into the air to let them know I meant business.

2. I downed a couple of slugs at the speakeasy.

3. You shut your yap before I slug you.
by Erin Wong May 24, 2006
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Slug Is used to describe a person who is a mixture of a slut and slag.
Yo that girl with the yellow coat and green nike bag is a slug.
by LOWKEY_SKLEG February 18, 2019
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A snail that has sold its house for drug money.
Mr. Snail was in a sad situation -- his addiction caused him to sell his house for drug money and become nothing but a scummy slug.
by Anonlolololol November 25, 2010
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