prep for a fight
yo bro box up imma beatcho ass
by hahaluzur69 August 30, 2016
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To get beat up, knocked out. like how a boxer does in the boxing ring. a visual usually follows consecutive hits landed before anyone has a chance to react with Hits taken before reaching the ground or getting knocked back like pin ball.
someone getting punched and hit in the frame of a box.
Yo, after that rap battle, he got boxed up, for talkin too much shit. It's on world star.
by Encyclopedia Cyclopes August 24, 2017
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To have received a haircut... meaning you (the package) have been boxed up and ready to be shipped out. associated with a military haircut but can be used as a generality for any male haircut
Looks like you got boxed up over the weekend...

Did you just get boxed up?
by Dahtsix September 22, 2008
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Someone that wants to slap you very very hard in the face
Listen, when i see you im gonna box you up”
by QueenTeen12 April 20, 2019
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A term used to describe the event of taking part in playing X-Box.
"What the hell are we going to do now that we've run out of beer?"

"I dunno. Let's just chill here and x-box it up."

by KTownFook May 28, 2005
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Taking a girl to the trap and rearranging he inside or fuck beating her box, up down left to right
by 1blockstarjayy November 1, 2019
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To beat a guy up
"Move that car or I will box him up."
by Rasta Glenn May 28, 2018
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