the sloppy sounds of sex when one has a really wet vagina to fuck.
"Leah, what were you doing last night? I swear I heard squelching"

"No, I swear we were just talking and making out"

"Damn girl, i had to pee on the porch"
by Ali THE COOLEST May 27, 2005
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The sound you make when you've just curled out a very wet shit in your pants and can't be bothered to go home and change so you head to the nearest bar and sit down and have a drink. Everyone can smell you but you don't care. What you do care about is the fact that every time you move from cheek to cheek to get more comfortable you simply end up squelching all the time.
"Fucking hell mate, is that you making that smell?"
"Yeah. I just shit my pants."
"Can't you go home and change?"
"Yeah I guess. To be honest, probably best cos I'm just squelching over here. Fuck it's even running down into my boots."
by Barry Spanners June 21, 2016
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See Felching, however this is done with a dead person
i went to the grave yard for some squelching
by Madam(Hexham) May 8, 2006
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the particular sound that an aroused vagina makes when being penetrated.
that was some serious squelch action lads.
by dirty kav April 24, 2005
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To put down or silence; To suppress or inhibit
I have finally squelched that hideous rumor.
by Gina November 11, 2003
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A noise commonly herd during intercourse. This can be a direct result of excess moisture given off by either partner.

Words commonly associated with this term: Squelchy (adj)
Damn bro, that bitch's muffbox made the biggest squelch ever.
by Taylor Dubdogg July 11, 2008
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The wet fart noise a vagina makes when being pounded hard and fast due to air
I was pumping my bitch so hard and fast she squelched so loud, it was embarrassing for her.
by Djc2508 January 16, 2014
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