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Intelligent, wise, beautiful, graceful, witty, laugh-loving, artistic, adventurous, intriguing person. She will greet you with a grin and carry herself well -- head and shoulders high, looking like she can handle any task -- but it might take a while to realize just how quirky and multi-faceted she is. You'll probably know the sharp-dressing, articulate, opinionated Shannon before you know the song-singing, weirdly goofy, low-key girl she is.
Did you hear Shannon was accepted at Notre Dame and Brown? She's seems so put-together, but I've had sleepovers with her -- you'd never believe she was 18 with the way she sings kid's songs!

I asked Shannon out. She didn't want to do anything fussy, so we cooked dinner and went on a walk up the bluff. With all of her accomplishments she intimidated me so much, but she's really very witty and down-to-earth. She doesn't just write editorials and international correspondence pieces -- she speaks, sings, plays a few instruments, loves adventures and travel, paints, and cracks me up.
by I love my Shannons June 12, 2013
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Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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Shannon, where do I start, such a beautiful god sent human being, an absolutely lovely person to be around, who you can count on at anytime and always puts other people first, Shannon’s sometimes may not see the beauty and talent within them so be sure to remind them of it, you’re very lucky to know a Shannon and she deserves to be cared for and respected just as much as she does for others so don’t take her or her kindness for granted.
Person 1: Have you met the new girl shannon yet?
Person 2: Yes, she’s such a lovely person, I’d love to get to know her more!
by victoriat545454 May 26, 2019
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Shannon a common name in ireland. Shannon means “Wise river”

The name Shannon is a unisex name, so both genders could be named shannon.

Shannon is a amazing, cute, goofy and dirty minded girl/boy. Never let go of Shannon, if you do then it’s your. She/He could be your love of your life <3 Shannon makes bad choices sometimes, but usually she/he thinks before talking. She/hes can sometimes be stupid and act dumb, but in her/his heart they’re care loving. Usually they’re hair is black or brown, eyes brown or blue. Loves to hangout with friend, but sometimes he/she usually is inside and watches tv. When boys sees Shannon, they faint cause she’s dead beautiful and a “bad boy” someone calls her:). She’s amazingly hot to. Athletic, sporty and wild is 3 word you could describe them.
Guy 1. “Look there’s Shannon”

Guy 2. “She’s Amazingly hot..:)”

Girl 1: Hi.. Shannon..:).

Girl 2: *He’s mine.. LEXI!*
by -Quote October 09, 2018
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Shannon: A goddess of beauty and love descented from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier. She is known for her amazingness, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and bedroom eyes. Is a great friend, lover and will make any man proud to have on his arm and to call her his wife. Loves her family and friends. Has charm, confidence,grace and is very flirtacious. turns all heads when she enters a room. Men want her and women idolize her. She is a rockstar in bed, there is nothing she won't do or try......She will leave you begging for more.If you ever get to know a Shannon consider yourself lucky she will be by your side at all times and love you with all her heart and soul weather it be your her friend,lover or soulmate. She is truely unique and wonderful to know!!! She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Very artistic, hard working, caring, adventurous, hilarious, glamous. Make a house feel like home. She is sometimes shy or quite, sometimes closes up like a delicate flower if one should hurt her. But why would anyone want to hurt her?
Shannon is comparable to Aphrodite the Goddess of love & beauty.
by MagicJ February 02, 2010
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Shannon is an amazing girl. She does get bullied though but she sticks up for herself. She has great friends. She has blue eyes and usually blonde hair. She has a great personality and is funny, smart and pretty. If you meet a Shannon you'd be stupid to let her go. Shannon usually plays the keyboard and/or the guitar. Sadly Shannon is single, not for long though, there's always that one boy who likes her but is too shy to say anything. She usually has a dirty mind but that just makes you love her more!
guy 1: Woah, she's so special.
guy 2: She's obviously a Shannon!
by SLJames June 12, 2013
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