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Savannas are some of the most beautiful girls ever. They dye their hair a lot, and are over all adorable. No matter who you are, you want a Savanna in your life. Once you start liking her, it's hard to stop, and it's hard to not like her. She will give you butterflies every time you see her, no matter how prepared you are for it. Savannas have beautiful blue eyes and usually don't know their own beauty. You will have the strongest crush of your life on a Savanna, and it will last a surprising amount of time. You'll always want to kiss her softly, hold her hand, hug her, and play with her hair, even though you know you can't. You will like her before you really even become friends, so be prepared. Consistent daydreams about her are also frequent. While with a Savanna, your heart will break because she isn't yours while you have butterflies because you're near her. You can't ask a Savanna for a hug, you have to wait for a Savanna to ask you. Savannas won't want you to pay for things or give them your jackets, but do it anyway. Savannas deserve it all and more.
Guy: "you know a Savanna?"
You: "yes, she's my best friend and girl I love...."
Guy: "well obviously, it's Savanna."
by TheBisexual October 28, 2014
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A girl that means the world to me. She is so beautiful and makes my day better. Each day I seem to love her more and more. Her smile is what makes me go crazy and smile. She's so cute!!
Savanna is so cute. Be like her
by Billygoat August 14, 2016
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A beautiful girl. Although she's sensitive sometimes, she is always fun and will be there for you. Everyone lives her and she knows how to make a good impression on people.
Cindy- I finally made a new friend! Her name is Savanna! Shes so awesome and cool!
Roger- Oh that's awesome! I've had the biggest crush on her!
by Spongebob squarepants lol December 10, 2013
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Savanna is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is fun to be around and fun to be with. Savanna's will always be there to cheer you up and can turn them shy person into one talking up a storm. She will always be there too help you up when your down. They have Blue eyes and Blonde hair and are the most amazing creatures known to man. They have the cutest smiles and the biggest hearts. They are athletic and weird in their own ways. Weird in a good way though, the kind of weird that makes you fall in love. I love my Savanna, I hope you will too!
Boy: Hey... Umm.

Savanna's: Hey boi! What up!

Boy: Haha sup savannah! Glad too see you!

Savanna: Yeah you too! Just came by to check on you. Love ya!
by BlaisePowder December 22, 2012
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a girl who loves adventures, she's in love with the idea of love, she's hurt alot but keeps a fake smile on her beautiful face. she truly has a heart, she's not a shallow girl. she can be easily broken by the darkness in this world. she sees beauty in everyone she's insecure and she needs to learn the goodness in her life. i love my savanna she's always there for me.
'need help, ask savanna!"
by b3sti333# July 19, 2011
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The sweetest, smartest, prettiest, caring, loving girl anyone could ever know. She is the best daughter, granddaughter, friend & mother of a kitty.
If every girl was like a Savanna this world would be a much better place!
by Califdreamin71 October 17, 2014
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has long curly brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. She isn't always the happiest but she will lift you up when you need help. She makes you laugh until your ribs hurt and she has the most beautiful smile. You can tell her anything. She's weird in a perfect way but others push her too far. She's beautiful, I love her. She's gone through alot but still has a big heart.
"You're like a Savanna. You're perfection, so please smile."
by colored.dream October 27, 2013
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