the giving of your unwanted garbage to charity, so you can kid yourself that you are charitable
don't put that garbage out with the garbage, i'm donating it to charity
by billylom8 December 24, 2011
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It means to give help to the people who are in-needed.

If you can transfer money to Hong Kong accounts, I'd recommend you to donate to the account 012-889-11041146, Bank of China (yes, its mine). And you will get the ultimate definition of donations.

A: I just finish my donations. How about you?

B: My too, how much you get?
A: huh? Oh! I get the transfer slip.
B: What? I get 20 with my sperm.
by The dickdslater of middle east October 18, 2018
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The money you give to a whore befor starting.
A Freshman: Hey, my boy and I wanted to spend the night with you, how's that gonna work out?
Whore:"You should come in seperately and the donation is 120$"
by sean.k June 21, 2006
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The service of coming a lover in/on the face
Person a: ''Man, I gave Julie a sweet donation last night."
Person b: "Sweet, donations kick ass"
by vulvasker October 13, 2009
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The throwing of money at jehovah's witnesses as you drive down the road. Preferably a type of coin.
We totally pegged a jehovah witness with a donation as we were going down the road.
by Nickels6336 June 21, 2009
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The act of going to a clinic and giving your sperm or egg for families or gays who cannot create children on their own.
Hey doug, I just went down to the clinic and got done donating my special material so some special family or pair of homosexuals can have a child.
by Dimpond June 26, 2013
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