When you do 100 shots of beer over a hundred minutes (one beer shot a minute)
Man, last night i did the century, and by the time i was at the thirtieth shot it took me the other 59 seconds just to fill up the next shot of beer.
by Seth Rogen May 12, 2008
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A person born in the year 98-01 with a childlike experiences of a 90s kid and a 00s kid. Usually open minded and irresponsibly responsible. Younger than a millennium
Oh my god, us Centuries can be so careless at times. A century like me would know.
by charloexx January 13, 2015
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Best band EVER.
If you don't check them out, you are lame for the rest of your life.
They are from Tempe, Arizona
and are theeee most cutest, talented, nicest people ever! CHECK THEM OUT BRO.

CAUTION: Lead singer may make the stage collapse. :)
Person A: "WOW This Century's new EP is off the heeezay!"

Person B: "Word." (person A turns up the stereo. Person A & B dance excitedly)
<333 :)
by yomamafrombigbear March 10, 2009
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Is one 50 mL shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes( this converts to roughly 10 European beers in an hour and 40 minutes). It is a drinking game popular among Backpackers and Canadians.
While in Melbourne some Canadians talked us into doing the century.
by Juda December 1, 2007
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A short walk, or run, normally by a body of water.
Alternative definition: to write a short, 10-20 sentence, paragraph describing the unpleasant effects of cycling.
The other day, I did a century
by Defnotacult August 2, 2023
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Doing 100 1oz shots of beer in 100 minutes. To complete the individual must take 1 shot a minute without vomiting. Most people make it to the 60-70 shot range before vomiting. Normaly several people attempt at one time.
We did a century last night and i made it to 71 before i puked.
by flyboy177 June 30, 2006
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Century is 100 years - 90 years which really equals 10
Smart guy ,”This is the best debate of the century.”
Wrong guy ,”No dude, I think you mean decade.”
Smart guy,”No dude, look it up.”
by The living rant January 2, 2020
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