To greatly value someone or something, esp. a romantic interest, above all others.
She likes Jon, but she has Chris on a pedestal. Jon doesn't have a chance.
by Sean Kennedy August 24, 2005
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When you keep on putting girls on the pedestal.
You keep on idealizing girls - you have pedestalitis.
by Gesamtpaket October 14, 2013
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when a man takes a woman that he wants and makes her his, then proceeds to hold her in such high and un-realistic esteem that he can no longer have a normal or real relationship with her.
putting her on a pedestal.
men commonly pedestalize their wives to try and boost their egos, show off and re-live their mother son relationships
by avalancheblanch July 12, 2008
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What you're putting somebody on when you tell them they're more righteous, or the greatest person or greatest at anything. It might give somebody a buzz to know they're on a pedestal, but does it help them not to hear what they need to? There's people who overdo the pedestal shit.
You put her on such a high pedestal all males are expected to believe females are more righteous than males.

You put him on such a high pedestal females think he's got a round table full of knights in shining armor and really the guys an asshole.
by Solid Mantis February 4, 2018
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Pedestal is a quarterly BDSM femdom (female domination) club in London, UK. It is a moveable club and has been staged at several different sites. People travel from all over the UK to visit this club.

It has become so closely entwined with UK BDSM female domination, that is almost a by-word for femdom.
George sat there, half naked and with a ballgag in his mouth looking like some pedestal slave
by slave2countess June 25, 2010
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I am a pedestrian. I pedest.
I pedest right out the door, to the store while keeping score, or on the moor while reading lore. I pedest to stop a war, or cure mouth sores, or just explore. I pedest across the shores! I pedest and your mother's a whore.
by Charlie Had A Boating Accident December 1, 2009
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To value something greatly, yet, unintentionally, you completely stay away from it
by PseudonymTES December 28, 2010
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