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Cole is the boy you never deserved and have no right to. He comes on quiet, sweet, and slow, like summer rain. He's all subtle smiles and covert glances, every flash of those caramel brown eyes kills, and the first kiss is like sweet fire. Cole has his troubles, he's misunderstood, and judged too harshly, which at times makes it appear as if he is overly judgmental of others when, in fact, you will not find a more patient listener. He is smooth-skinned and tan, always paying special attention to his appearance, especially his hair. Sometimes he comes off as superficial, but this is all a ruse. He's confusing and its easy to miss some of the signs, but when he looks at you, you'll know how he feels. His eyes express all the things he leaves unsaid. He's afraid of the word love, but if you give him the time, he'll whisper it to you. If you come across a Cole, get your shit together. He is nearly infinitely patient, and will wait for prolonged periods of time for someone he thinks is worthwhile, but if you push him away, tell him you can't care, that you don't feel the same, eventually, he'll leave. He has to, and you deserve it. The pain that ensues from being left by a Cole is nearly unbearable, and you are left to writhe in agony as you realize that it was all your fault, that he cared, that he could have loved, and you had the audacity to think he'd be there forever. If you're lucky, maybe one day he'll come back, and you know you'll never, ever let him go. Cole is perfect.
"Nice hair. You're such a Cole."
by Mitchell Fergus April 23, 2013
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- Cole is a sweet, kind, trustworthy guy who makes a great friend and an even better boyfriend. You may think of him as shy at first but when you get to know him you realise that there's a lot more to him than what meets the eye. He has a wonderful personality and is very caring. With his mesmerising brown eyes and dark hair it's hard not to fall for him.
by Amazeingness August 12, 2017
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An extremely attractive guy who has an amazing personality, a great sense of humor and always makes you smile; and his smiles even better. He's athletic, tan, really sweet and super cute. He's fun to be around. He has the prettiest eyes you've ever seen on a guy, and he's perfect. He's the best boyfriend ever, I think I love Cole<3
That would be Cole.
by Ms.LuckyGirl August 11, 2011
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Cole. He is an amazing person. He may come off as a shy or weird guy, but once you talk to him a little more then he might be the best person you’ll ever meet. He has a vague sense of humor, but you’ll learn to read it and laugh along too. Cole is a sentimental and understanding person. He makes you feel better or happier when you need it. He cares about his looks and will make sure his hair looks good before he takes a picture or goes to school. He listens to everything you have to say. He tends to get judged a lot which is understandable in this generation but, you shouldn’t judge him. If you do him wrong he won’t think much of you anymore. Never give a guy like Cole up.
“I am so lucky to have Cole”
Look it’s Cole, man I love his hair”
“Cole is so nice
by christmassweater April 20, 2018
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The sweetest most amazing guy you will ever meet. Makes me laugh so hard that I cry and makes me happy whenever I am sad . Doesn't realize how awesome he is to me. The love of my life.
Cole is the best guy ever.
by swagz October 22, 2013
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An annoying and loud kid that always screams "ABUSE!"
Example: Kid: Oh hi Cole! Cole: ABUSE!!!!
by Splatoon God May 13, 2019
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Clare what is in that sack sitting in the rain water?
It's just a Cole. A sack of shit and it smells like it
by Alexnani October 12, 2019
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