To be put down or embarassed by someone. Put in your placed or "schooled."
You've been treated!
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
when somebody dis you and you be fellin stupid.
"You just got treated!!!!"
by Shizzle November 9, 2003
What's said when somone just got insulted. Usually said by someone who had nothing to do with the situation.
Anne: You suck, Sarah.
Sarah: Why?
Greg: OOO Sarah just got treated!
Sarah: Shut it Greg.
Richard: OOO Greg just got treated!
Anne: What's going on?
by Hailey Hogsworth July 28, 2005
When someone burns you. Makes an awesome comeback
In fourth grade
1st guy: ur ugly
2nd guy: I know you are but what am I?
3rd guy: Ohhhh you just got treated!
1st guy: *cries*
by Kaaaaaaayyyyyyylllllllaaaaaaa January 23, 2014
e.g. gambling and you miss out on a big win by a pig's tail.

"You just got completely treated"
by Scotty_ August 9, 2005
being showed by someone how terrible you really are at something
our volley ball team against any other one "man bitch u just got treated"
by chris October 13, 2003
To offer someone food or entertainment at another's expense
I'm fixing my aunt's computer so tomorrow's dim sum will be free. We gonna get TREATED!
by ChaoticHavok January 3, 2009