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Shmegma is a waxy like white stuff that is on the uncircumsized penis, and if not cleaned daily it will get very cake like and start to smell.
Your shmegma smells!
by mandy August 05, 2003
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A incorrect spelling of smegma. However a somewhat common error.
I gave my cousin a smegma version of a dirty sanchez while he was sleeping last night because he set me up with a swamp donkey that kicked me in the nuts when I gave her a jersey turnpike
by Blunt0r April 15, 2004
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The improper spelling of smegma. Can be used as an insult to characterize a person's attitude, qualities, or cheese on their genitalia.
My roommate is such a shmegma! He needs to stop stealing my shampoo.
by gert b frobe May 03, 2010
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a cottage cheese like substance inside the inner flap of a dirty vagina
nigga, i was fuckin this bad bitch and this shmega shit came all over my dick
by mike v April 24, 2003
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A culmination of ass hair, sweat, and dirt which builds up on your taint when there is a lack of proper washing for a few days.
When a soldier is in the field and showers are very scarce, shmegma makes for a good spread for the wheat bread found in MRE's.
by Bigswell79 September 03, 2003
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The sticky stuff that comes out of your mouth. Also known as phlegm or loogie. Can also be used to replace any word in the English language.
Guy 1: Aw, where's your sink?

Guy 2: No Worries , man. It's over there. Why you need it anyway?

Guy 1: Just got some shmegma in my mouth.
by SwaggySwagGod May 16, 2014
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