A less than hygienic person with low morals and of poor character, will do any sexual act ,steal,lie ect. for drugs.

Can not be trusted but always friendly.
Persons tend to be loud (like the braying of a donkey) and starved for attention. They tend to stay stuck in the muds, meaning they get nowhere in life or of use to anyone other than sexual pleasures.
I'm outta here, (person's name) is.nothin but a damn swamp donkey.
by jericasyn December 29, 2016
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an ugly ass girl who only goes to parties to hit on drunk guys hoping they're drunk enough to sleep with her
"hey dude, did mckaylah try to hit on you last night?"
"ya man, shes a total swamp donkey! I was wasted asf, but not that wasted."
by JJ413 October 17, 2016
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This species lurks in the depths of the bar and club scene . Tell tale signs of a swamp donkey are many and varied, including the wearing of Granny underwear, tight shirts exposing their fat disgusting sloth bodies, and a face that looks like a rotten bee's nest.
damn look at that swamp donkey!
by L walk April 12, 2004
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of British origin, meaning a slobbering blob of a girl who hangs out at shady bars hoping for some action.
So I tell the swampdonkey to sock it before I give her a trunky in the tradesman's entrance and I have her lick me yardballs.
by G-spot June 27, 2004
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Large brown animal that roams the northern woods, wetlands. Bulls have antlers and beards. A.K.A. moose.
Guy 1: Ya i shot my swamp donkey right at the swamp by Earls house.

Guy 2: Really i saw this big black thing out there bout 15 minutes ago had a thick rear end on it

Guy 1: Musta been Earls old lady
by T Morton February 27, 2008
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Female bereft of physical beauty; tug boat; boiler; sea monster; steg.
"...i'd had a few beers and thought i'd go look for a swamp donkey..."
by Moose McEvil December 6, 2005
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