pussy, vagina, a womans womanly bits, gooly bits, flappy bits of skin a woman carries on the lower part of her body used mainly in sex, fanny
i want 2 lick ure inner
by poo face mcwilly March 27, 2005
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some one being nosey and in your business
"Why you so inner"
by Voltige K-I-D June 11, 2004
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you what an inner
by sam August 31, 2003
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Word ugly people use to describe themselves and one another
So what you look like a truck, you're have inner beauty.
by Wardo November 8, 2003
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Someone from the inner city, city folk, urban residents.
Inner, (in-er), inners: A family of inners moved in down the street, there goes the neighborhood... Inners should just stay in their concrete jungle.... this is gods country up here in the hills, we don’t welcome inners around here.... My grandpa says I better not bring any Inners home to thanksgiving. What an inner !
by Dearjohn November 18, 2019
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the most inner part of your ass...only visable during the atomic moon (opening up your ass cheeks when you are mooning someone). Also it's where your ass smells the worse...like rotten eggs drenched in spoiled milk.
Rich: I saw Drew's inner inner ass last night while I was talking to my girl on the phone.....then he farted.
by Drewman05 July 7, 2009
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