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the hottest pop star since that other hot popstar you can't remember (not michael jackson goddamnit.) He's so hot infact that he's accumalated a large mass of followers who hate on him because they cannot come to terms with their 'irrational', and 'sinful' feelings for him.
tool 1: i just had a dream about justin timberlake last night
tool 2: what happened?
tool 1: we were in a hot tub and..
tool 2: i'm pretty sure this means you hate him, i mean after all it's irrational to think you'd go gay for him right?
tool 1: yes....completely...yes. god i hate him! whata pozer!
by Mandy April 24, 2005

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basically, to wake up and immediately blaze (smoke marijuana)
by mandy November 02, 2003

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filipino term for vagina
hugasan mo ang puki mo!!!
wash your vagina!!
by mandy August 26, 2003

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a phrase used by the gallagher brothers (from the band oasis).
if you are 'mad fer it', you like it alot
...yeh im fookin' mad fer your hat
by mandy November 09, 2003

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a girl who sucks dick (gives brains)
that nasty hoe is a brainer too
by Mandy October 10, 2004

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A mean, snobbish or spiteful remark. Usually used to describe an insult or a haughty statement.
He gave a snide remark.
by Mandy March 29, 2003

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the best actr ever. He played jim in 28 days later ad Dr. Crane in Batman Begins. He is Irish and oh so gorgeous, and has the hottest voice ever.
Cillian Murphy looked fucking hot in 28 days later, especially the random shot of his naked ass.
by mandy June 24, 2005

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