Being jealous, or hating
The girls are jelly, the jealous of me
by VanessaKayy April 3, 2008
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Back in the 60's, jelly was refering to pussy. Listen to the grateful dead song duprees diamond blues... "but that sweet, sweet, jelly's so good"
Judge said, "Son, I know your baby well,
But that's a secret I can never tell."
Dupree said, "Judge well it's well understood,
But you got to admit that sweet Jelly's so good."
by Grateful White June 29, 2005
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Something that Beyonce & Co. don't think you're ready for.
Little Timmy: "Hey, I found the peanut butter, but where's the jelly?"
Beyonce, singing over-pitched as usual: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly"
Little Timmy (snatching the jelly out Beyonce's hand and slicing her Achilles tendon with the bread knife):"Oh, yes I am, bitch!"
by lawnmowerman December 2, 2004
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To be jealous of another human or creature.
"mang, you gots the new kanye cd?!....GUUUUUUURL i'm TOTALLY JELLY !"
by ESRAAandBROOOOKE September 4, 2006
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Damn I got some FULL handfulls of her jelly behind he portable.
by Amanda and Jackie January 30, 2003
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