1. An all-women indie rock band that has been together since 1993. Members are Kerri Kenney-Silver (bassist and vocals), Jody Seifert (drummer), and Nina Hellman (guitarist and backing vocals). They kick ass.
2. An expression used to describe something that is beyond coolness.
1. Have you heard of the band Cake Like? They kick ass.
2. That false mustache of yours is fucking cake like, dude.
by rinne August 22, 2006
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The act of being a pussy or someone's bitch just to avoid a conflict/ fight.
Person 1: "Damnnnn youre getting roasted in the groupchat! Roast them back!"
Person 2: "Naw I'm not tryna get cooked again"
Person 1: "Boiiiiii go like cake!"
by Lordddddd Kayvaughn July 21, 2017
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It means they like you as much as a fat ass kid loves to bother his mom about the chocolate cake because he wants it that bad
I love you like a fat kid likes cake
by PseudonymBruh May 05, 2021
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