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People whom use cheap tactics to harm inocent people to "prove" a point.. so they think. It really proves nothing but the fact they are stupid, and life is mcshit and they rather screw up someone else's than do something constructive to improve their situation.
Extreme religion is a breeding ground for terrorists. They loose grasp on reality trying to get to there 13 virgins or some shit. (who actually belives this btw?)
by Blunt0r April 20, 2004
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A incorrect spelling of smegma. However a somewhat common error.
I gave my cousin a smegma version of a dirty sanchez while he was sleeping last night because he set me up with a swamp donkey that kicked me in the nuts when I gave her a jersey turnpike
by Blunt0r April 15, 2004
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A friggin donut that annoying dutch people call fasnachts
Dutch bitch brought a wheelbarrow full of fasnachts to work on fasnacht day.
by BlunT0r February 24, 2004
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New Jersey Devil Fan
I love the new jersey Devils so I am the worst one. My brain is affected from living in the arm pit of the United states.
by Blunt0r April 19, 2004
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Acronym for pussy fart juice.
I forced my cousin Brandon to drink 8 oz. of 2 month old PFJ after eating greasy barbeque chicken while standing in raw sewage.
by Blunt0r April 20, 2004
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Brandon Landis
We stood on the porch for for fkn ever waiting for brandon to decide where he wants to eat for his birthday. He is a drunk botard. He is clownshoes
by Blunt0r June 30, 2004
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Good one. Bet this sounded sweeter before they were elimintated in the first round 4 games to one to the way better Philadelphia Flyers
Our cheap diving, clutching, and grabbing techniques were not enough to stop the all powerful Flyers. To bad we have no fans and our stadium is half full of Flyer fans. Being a devil fan makes me the worst one.
by Blunt0r April 20, 2004
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