the hair on your ass, ladies all guys got it so get used to it
he had like major ass hair
by JDB February 13, 2003
when your pubic hair trails off to finish around your asshole... gentlemen? all ladies have it.. get used to it. Dingleberries tend to take up residence here of you don't clean yourself regularily.
I shave my girlfriends asshole to rid her of all her ass hair once a week.
by db October 10, 2004
luckily girls don't have it or anal would suck
Bobby: I have more ass hair than head hair!
by Kirby_Kalamazoo March 13, 2016
When someone's hair is parted down the middle, resembling an ass.
Hey look at Megan's hair! It's ass hair!
by MJA1234 January 30, 2011
When you grow hair on your ass.
I went to fuck her ass and she had a shit ton of ass hair.
by Mycoxafloppin February 18, 2021
hairs or pubes that appear on an asshole
your asshair yanked out and u sliped
by slapapig September 23, 2003