A movie that isnt worth seeing in theatres, but that you will rent when it comes out in video stores.
"You seen The Santa Clause 3 yet?"
"naw, it looks like a renter"
by Dan Graham November 2, 2006
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A man or woman with low self-esteem, who sell their bodies to rich women/men only to obtain expensive gifts and contributions in return.
Example 1 -

Eva: Oh my god I can't believe you broke up with Jim he was so cute!
Amy: Oh please that rascal was nothing but a renter, that broke-ass son of a bitch couldn't even pay attention *pun intended*
Eva: Seriously? So he was only in it for the money?

Amy: Yeah !
Eva: What a loser

Example 2 -

Jake: Yo Kev what's up dawg?

Kevin: Not much hommy! My girlfriend finally broke up with me so I'm a free man now ! woo-hoo
Jake: Seriously? Thats awesome!
Kevin: Yeah man I'm stoked! So glad that bitch left!
Jake: Great! Then let's call some busty renters tonight my man!

Kevin: Hellz yeah !
by The Slicker December 30, 2019
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When you drop a renter you are pooping in a place you will not be for long. Such as a friends house or church.
Alright dude let’s go out hold before we go I gotta drop a renter
by Daltoncliffrd April 2, 2019
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One who rents Anus

through lack of financing or inability to commit to a purchase. the anus is rented

used as an insult
Don't be an anus renter, stop hogging all the chips

Hey anus renter, I'm banging your mom!!!
by Galgamoth September 4, 2007
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One who lies about his whereabouts but in all actuality is weeping in a cold, dark, empty, leaky room over the jealousy that he has for this roomie and his bestie
Brandon Lienhop went to his "girl friend's" for the weekend because he is a Shack Renter.
by BJ Lounge October 15, 2009
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a lobwad, a spazblast, a daffy-twacker, a chunkblunter.
"I can't believe you're such a nun-renter."
by tarmac April 21, 2005
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