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Ur name is actually Stella but u saw the TikTok trend with the remove the first and last letter of ur name so u ended up here
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by Stella._._ on tiktok May 30, 2020
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A euphemism for β€œkill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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A sign. A behavioral clue that reveals something one tries to hide.
The girl looking at my boots and licking her lips was a big tell that she wanted to serve me.
by Catch63 June 27, 2005
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A card player's mannerism that gives away the strength of his hand
The rule is this: you spot a man's tell, you don't say a fucking word
by madone January 07, 2008
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Tells - Function: Noun; Entymology: Tell; A private message in a video game or chat client, etc, that only the sender and recipient see.

Variants: Tellstorm (A large amount of tells)
<I'm getting a lot of tells, hold on.>
<Tellstorm, just a sec.>
by Ryan Hamilton October 21, 2005
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Used in affirmation or agreement to a discussion or shortened version of "I'm telling you" originated by the legendary Dennis Ononikpo.
Friend : it was great seeing you today.
Me : Tells it's been a minute.
by Dernyz May 12, 2019
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In Seinlanguage, this is a sign usually indicating the status of one's relationship with a person when one is questioned. Generally the placement of a hand or hands on the face, as the hands move further up the face, the indication is a worsening relationship status.
Jerry: So how is your doctor friend there?

Elaine: *reaches up, rubs nose* Fine, fine...

Jerry: George, did you see that?

George: Saw it.

Elaine: Saw what?

Jerry: The sign.
by DKS 2 July 11, 2005
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