A person who needs to learn how to speed bridge.
Usually associated with death and obnoxiously loud microphones.
Hey Shitass, wanna see me speed bridge?”
-Anonymous, famous last words
by Thebirdman567 October 23, 2020
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One who is young and unruly; someone who has not yet learned to wipe properly.
Get over here ya little shitass, 'fore I whoop the shit outta ya and then whoop ya for shittin!
by Rolando September 9, 2003
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Often synonomous with "asshole". In Texas, at least, this term may be regularly interchangeable with the word "peckerhead". Kindly do not confuse with the term "peckerwood", which creates images of the lower class "white trash" southern male specifically. There seems to be a notion of arrogance associated with the word shitass.
he's a real shitass, idn't he?!
by Benton M. October 20, 2007
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A renowned speedrunner and is in fact the best Minecraft player in our universe. Many people challenge his presence but are left in shambles after experiencing a moment of his power.
"You saw the video about Dream battling shitass?"
"Yeah, shitass fucking destroyed him!"
by Brown_Boi October 24, 2020
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typickle:"hey shitass,wanna see me speedrun?''

*proceeds to speedrun to the End*

shitass:*flies into typicle with an elytra*
by hey shitass October 20, 2020
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a horrible situation or character who has enetered itself into a position beyond the realm of savior, a soul or event who is lost to fecal decay
Oh shitass, my sailboat got hit by a big goddam lightning bolt and my wife and erector set are stuck inside.
by Alex February 20, 2003
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