A person who posses you off to a point where you want to punch them but you rember that it's not cool to punch people.
by ultra_quick May 3, 2016
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When you lie to your little brother and tell him your out of toilet paper and have to use his face to wipe the shit off your ass.
Dude I thought we were out of toilet paper but i guess not so i guess i didnt need to shit-face you.
by Nate G. March 11, 2005
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Shit face can be discribed as someone who constantly looks like they're smelling shit.

note: not to be confused with being piss drunk.
ex 1. - an un attractive face.

ex 2. - "yo bro did you see jackies new picture?.. she has the worst shit face."
by beyahh April 23, 2008
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n* Vulgar Slang/ A contemptible person.

- A person who resembles the look of the Chad Kroeger (Nickelback).
- A person who spends 1 hour in the bathroom but still ends up looking like a pile of shit when he/she comes out.
- A person who looks better then Fred Durst but just as ugly as Rik Waller.
Hey Shit Face, stop looking so goddamn ugly you piece of shit!! If you don't sort you ugly face out, I'll make a great improvement *polishes knuckles*
by Snakeeyez187 November 27, 2002
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When you get really Zooted off of juice boxes or a girl/boy shits on your face.
by Unknown gangsta March 31, 2021
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Under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs.
Sybil was so shit faced she doesn't remember last night.
by sybil May 16, 2016
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