The act of being completely intoxicated. Usually associated with alcohol consumption.
I was so shit faced last night

Luke was so shit faced I doubt he remembers the strip club

I enjoy getting shit faced once in a while
by phantaxtic August 12, 2014
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The result of drinking alot of alcohol, you usally get shit faced when you feel like throwing up, you also get shit faced in the morning when the hang over starts.
So really, shit faced is the period of when you feel like shit after drinking.
Bar Tender - NO ! you have had too much for tonight !
Drinker - Gimme some booze dammit !
Bar Tender - OK ! but only ONE more, you'll end up shit faced and pass out !
by Carcass (band) December 7, 2006
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1) Drunk as an Irishman on St. Patty's Day

2) Stoned out of your mind
The mo fo was so shit-faced that he brought a squirt-gun to school and yelled "I have a bomb bitches!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 20, 2006
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An ugly person
George W. Bush
My English teacher
A person with shit all over his face
by Camels November 14, 2006
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when someone is being stubborn or is just being a plain asshole
by your daddy :) September 26, 2007
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Shit Faced: from the Latin "shitibus faceibus".

1) To have one's entire face covered in feces.
2) To become so intoxicated/high that you act like an asshole/whore/your math teacher and perform things/sexual acts that you would never do in your right mind.
1) Because my face is covered in shit, I am shit faced.
2) God, after those 15 bottle of scotch, I was shit faced and woke up next to my math teacher.
by PlummiPLUM April 10, 2004
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a ugly person, not cute, ugly as hell, a face that only a mother can love
shaun told terreast to shut her shit face ass up
by shaun July 4, 2004
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