Inebriated, through excessive consumption of alcohol to the point of losing consciousness. Involuntary body movements (vomiting & defecating) are likely to occur during to a person Pisshead experiencing this state.
I got so shitfaced that I bagged myself
by RockMink November 10, 2004
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Meaning of getting shitfaced is to drink until one becomes blackout drunk
which probably also means they're awesome to the n’th degree.

Some side effects which may occur are huge blank spots in ones memories, feeling like you want to puke your guts out, cringing at the thought of alcohol, the inability to think coherently and to sum things up, pure awesomeness.
Bob: Yo man.. I was freaken shitfaced.. what happened last night?
Joe: Yeah, you puked just about everywhere... you sure didn’t hold back last night buddy.

Bob: Ugh.. hold on a minute -pukes in Joe’s shoes-
Joe: Well okay now you puked EVERYWHERE. That’s pretty grody –pulls out a beer- Want one?
Bob: -cringes at the thought of alcohol-
Joe: Guess not. –crakes it open and takes a sip-
by JiggzAT March 17, 2010
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1) Drunk as an Irishman on St. Patty's Day

2) Stoned out of your mind
The mo fo was so shit-faced that he brought a squirt-gun to school and yelled "I have a bomb bitches!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 19, 2006
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Shit Faced: from the Latin "shitibus faceibus".

1) To have one's entire face covered in feces.
2) To become so intoxicated/high that you act like an asshole/whore/your math teacher and perform things/sexual acts that you would never do in your right mind.
1) Because my face is covered in shit, I am shit faced.
2) God, after those 15 bottle of scotch, I was shit faced and woke up next to my math teacher.
by PlummiPLUM April 10, 2004
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1. To be extremely drunk, often resulting in memory loss and a hangover on the following day.

2. To post a picture of your personal feces on Facebook.
1. Tina was so shitfaced that she completely embarrassed herself last night!

2. I was checking out Bob's Facebook page and he posted a pic of his own dookie!
by Shareeb4Prez October 25, 2009
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beyond drunk, the point when your face scrunches and your squinting hence you look like shit in the face.
Ricky- bro Robby is so shitfaced, Jenny is so not gonna let him smush.
by charlyrogers April 27, 2010
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When you lie to your little brother and tell him your out of toilet paper and have to use his face to wipe the shit off your ass.
Dude I thought we were out of toilet paper but i guess not so i guess i didnt need to shit-face you.
by Nate G. March 11, 2005
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