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1) A person who is physical and mentally incompetent of keeping up with "common sense" by acting like he is 5 yrs old but in reality is much, much older. He may not know he is acting this way, but clearly the people around him do.

2) A female dog without a father. The father presumably being shot down during Vietnam.

3) A half bitch, half bastard creation.
''Listen here you incompetent bitchtard, start acting your age or you'll be feeling the full force of my boot entering your fucking skull''
by Snakeeyez187 November 28, 2002

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n* Vulgar Slang/ A contemptible person.

- A person who resembles the look of the Chad Kroeger (Nickelback).
- A person who spends 1 hour in the bathroom but still ends up looking like a pile of shit when he/she comes out.
- A person who looks better then Fred Durst but just as ugly as Rik Waller.
Hey Shit Face, stop looking so goddamn ugly you piece of shit!! If you don't sort you ugly face out, I'll make a great improvement *polishes knuckles*
by Snakeeyez187 November 27, 2002

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