when you are under the effect of something (such as alcohol or drugs) you are under the influence !
by G. Boppre July 20, 2008
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PUI for short; An intoxicated planning method, by one person or a group of people, that leads to no follow through, or completion of, the planned task.
Since committing her 2nd PUI (planning under the influence) in one weekend, Joyce has been labeled as the flake in her group of friends.
by Dan K)) March 22, 2008
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Facebook Under the Influence (FUI).
Last night after the 4th cabernet, I was Facebook Under the Influence. This morning, I had to check my statements and delete several unsavory verbal offerings I made while FUI.
by Neal Dachstadter January 7, 2011
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When your fucked up on drugs or alcohol and straight sending senseless, meaningless texts or ones that just have tons of typos or jibberish
Wel i hv thm fr v u cuz i tol eric i wold themfor u so i have the?b9k hun T.U.I. tui-texting under influence text drugs alcohol
by Frosty Frost January 20, 2016
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Going to a store hungry, tired, or sad, because it raises your risk of impulse spending.
My sister came home with $900 worth of shoes and dresses after she broke up with her boyfriend -- definitely shopping under the influence.
by Cross67 September 26, 2014
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