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Any lyric pertaining to the dynamic rhyming pattern known to most as rhyming the word, with the same exact word. To many rappers and musicians this can often be a useful tool. Prior to Fred Dursts discovery that, a given word will in fact ALWAYS rhyme with the same given word, it has since caught on at a national level. Fred Durst himself, lead singer of the popular band, Limp Bizket, is himself infamous for some of the most musically talented Fred Durst lines of all time.
The following are actual Fred Durst lines:

"Take a look at this Shit right here, L-I-M-P Bizket is right here"

"I did it all for the Nookie, The what? The Nookie"

"Cause if you dont care, then we dont care"

"So shut the f**k up, and pack the f**k up, while we f**k this track up."

"Should i be feeling bad (no), Should i be feeling good (no)"

"All the critics wanna hit it, and shit can how we did it, just because they dont get it."

"And maybe im just a little f**ked up, Lifes just a little f**ked up"
by DougPolk November 06, 2006
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A Try hard wannabe rocker/rapper from the commercially fucked up Limp Bizkit

Durst is known for his fucked up lyrics such as "i did it all for the nookie" and "i want to fuck you like an animal, i want to feel you from the inside" <-- FUCKEN RIP OFF FROM NIN

This man should be avoided like the plague and if seen should be kicked in the sack, doused in petrol and set on fire!
A complete and utter fuckhead from Jacksonville who wares pants that dont fit him and has his hat on backwards
by PJ Marshal January 03, 2004
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Truely the most deep, exquisite music composers of all time.

In years time, the legendary names of Mozart and Ludvig Van Beethoven will be forgotten with their lewd, crude and amaturish filth that some call 'music'. In their place, the picturesque lyrics and beautiful compositions of Fred Durst will be remembered for their revolutionary music.

Truely talented raw metal band that don't steal their riffs like some amatures *cough*Led Zeppelin*cough* *cough*posers*cough* and watered down lyricists *cough*Tupac*cough*.
The lyrics to Hot Dog teaches crap artists such as the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix that the more you say the 'f' word, the more beautiful your music is.
by The Zombie Tupac July 11, 2005
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Lead singer of Limp Bizkit and the current object of aggression from Slipknot and their frontman Corey Taylor. Durst remixes other people's music, yet he has the nerve to take the piss out of other artists. He called Slipknot fans "fat and ugle kids". When Corey found out, he made regular aggressive verbal attacks on Durst at concerts and in interviews. Since then, Slipknot have regulary tkane the piss out of Bizkit and Durst. Corey has sworn to kill Durst with his bare hands next time he insults his fans. Durst offered his side of the story, But now Corey doesn't give a shit.
Corey Taylor - Fred Durst is a good buissinessman and all, but he is not an artist. I don't give a fuck if he;s a millionare. He takes music that people love, and turns it to crap.

Fred Durst - I think Slipknot hate me because it shows how theres already so much hate.. in the world and... they hate me.

(in other words, he didn't know how to respond)
by chavsuck May 09, 2006
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Short, balding, rat-like, and as proven from the recent camera phone 'porn' video, hung like a gerbil.
Got into the scene for the money, thanks to a leg up by Korn, proceded to make music which is only good while drunk and 16.
Was made 'CEO' of Interscope - his obvious lack of any management skills meant this was 'honourary' to promote the label, and Durst likely to have absolutely no control over company decisions - apart from maybe being A&R and a scout for other party/sport/nu-metal bands that appeared for a few seconds.
Likened to Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Vanilla Ice in that they all have absolutely no talent, and jumped on the Nu-Metal band wagon, and now all sorely regret it as they no longer have a reputation.
Fred Durst invented 'Party Metal'
by SMiek April 03, 2006
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