Absolutely obliterated from drinking it up all night. So drunk you have to take a piss every five minutes or so, right on the borderline of throwing up.
I got piss drunk off Long Island's last night.
by ACG2x February 27, 2004
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-intoxicated to the point of incoherence that one would urinate in inappropriate places such as on a wall or in a trash can
-very intoxicated
Man I was piss drunk last night; I woke up to a puddle of piss on my floor.
by jim gordon October 10, 2005
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The point of drunk where you don't realize that you're drunk, but you manage to piss yourself on someone's porch or something.
"She pissed herself on my porch! That's REALLY piss drunk!"
by Sofiya February 21, 2006
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An old skating krew..... the only member left is Dustin Dollin... pro skater for Baker...
Dustin Dollin-Yeah PD stands for PISS DRUNK.... my old krew...
by ._. ----> :| June 5, 2011
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(adv)- being intoxicated to the point of potentially or actually vomiting.
Person 1) Man, look at Tom, he's piss-drunk-shitfaced!
Person 2) Aww, he just puked in the fire, we better help him out.

Person 1) Wanna get trashed this weekend?
Person 2) No way, the last time we did, I ended up piss-drunk-shitfaced, we were so loud that we woke up the neighbors.
by The Last Mohican May 13, 2008
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Matt: Yo Emm, it looks like you pissed your pants bro!
Emm: I think I doo doo'd my pants too :(
Matt: Man, You're shit piss drunk
by MZ2842 August 31, 2013
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Mixing urine with alcohol and becoming intoxicated from the mixture.
Justin's friend just got back from Scotland and brought a bottle of whiskey with him. He pissed in a cup and added whiskey. He got piss drunk, and tripped over a mail bin, smashed his cup into a filing cabinet, and then fell hard to the floor!
by ProfanityPHD September 18, 2013
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