To be completely drunk
Tom is so shit faced
by Anonymous December 7, 2002
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the awful churn of your face (and stomach) when you walk into a bathroom stall of a crowded bathroom right after the stall user before you's lunch was from an undercooked chinese place...
-or the look on your face after realizing the Chinese food was undercooked, and now passing its way down your esophogus :)
"Dude, it was awful I went into the Walmart bathroom today and was lucky to finally get a stall, but I didn't realize how unlucky I was. Man I almost lost my lunch after smelling that women's stomach contents. you shoulda seen the "shit" face.
by female:mbrown December 21, 2008
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so drunk that your head spins in a million directions and often causes the urge to take off clothing and screw till there is no tommorow
I got so shit faced I slept with a knome
by lalalakissmyass August 16, 2005
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Drunk off your ass, can't walk, can't talk, or passed out
Shawn is so shit faced he can't even speak english.
by Brasher May 9, 2008
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When you drink so much that you end up using the toilet with your face - instead of shitting with your ass, one shits (pukes) with their face. This usually occurs at the end of a drinking binge or as part of the hangover experience.
by five5rivers July 28, 2007
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so fucking drunk that your toes look like shrooms and your head feels like its spinning in a million different directoins(often causes dizzyness, iregular behavior, and regular urges to remove clothing)
I was so shit faced last night that I went streaking
by lalalakissmyass August 16, 2005
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When you get so drunk that you give people head without knowing it and get introuble by everyone because your so shitfaced that you tell everyone and dont even know it.
I was so shit faced last night i gave that guy head!!!
by Kacey. January 19, 2008
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