Gaelic Name, Dùn Èideann,Dunedin
Also Known as Auld Reekie and The Athens of the North
Population 450,000 (approx)
Capital City of Scotland since 1437.
The city is dominated by a huge castle built upon an extinct Volcano and the history of Edinburgh is woven around this grand structure.Originally a Celtic Hillfort inhabited by the Votadini tribe called it Din Eidyn later anglicised into the present name.Edinburgh can be split in to two areas,The old town which grew around the castle and slopes and the New town largely built in the 18th century.Holyrood Palace is found at the other end of the 'Royal Mile'which leads down a slope from the castle.This Palace has been a royal residence of Scottish Monarchs since the 15th century,The present Queen of Great Britain also uses it.
Edinburgh is home to the Scottish Parliament(Restored in 1999)
Edinburgh has a Fascinating History and is the most visited City in Scotland
Some Famous People Born in Edinburgh Include, Tony Blair ,Sean Connery ,Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Louis Stevenson ,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Scott and Feild Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
by Alba gu Brath June 23, 2006
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Good place, nice city and great clubs. Opposite of Glasgow.
I came back from Glasgow because the place was so bad.
by Carlton D December 7, 2004
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Is a city where the occupants can use correct grammer. For example, we know when to use capitals;
as apposed to
Occupants of Edinburgh are able to identify when they need to use capital letters.
by mogwai January 4, 2005
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One of the few decent places in Scotland, ruined by an incompetent council that fails to address the most basic of problems. Regarded by comedian Limmy as "de-facto English" when ironically half of Glasgow is loyalist.
"Edinburgh is de-facto England"

"Naw mate, it's just a snobby dump"
by Banana Banzai November 5, 2022
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The capital of Scotland that either full of English, people that want to be English or statues of English people. Only exception is August, then it's full of Japanese tourists.
Normal day in Edinburgh during August:Princes Street looks like there's a bus trip in from The Shire there's that many Japs about.
by VeeTwin July 11, 2008
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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and the HIV capital of Europe; the former owing to the fact that the populace is made up of whores, poofs and junkies. Almost all of Edinburgh's residents (Edinbuggers) have a massive chip on their shoulder. There are many different reasons for this, foremost are; having fuck all of note in their city apart from a castle, a distinct lack of decent bars/clubs/atmosphere, two pish 'football' teams and the fact that they are all whores poofs and junkies. In spite of all this they still have the temerity to be a bunch of ignorant, rude, stuck up cunts. If you see a tram in Edinburgh you might want to check that you are not actually in Blackpool, as the silly bastards have been trying, and failing, to build a tram system since about the same time they threw the castle up. The best thing about Edinburgh is the motorway to Glasgow. Glasgow being Edinburghs more vibrant, cosmopolitan, cultural, stylish, laid back, humourous and funloving neighbour.
Glaswegian 1 : "Fancy going through to Edinburgh for a night out ?"

Glaswegian 2 : "Fuck that mate, that place is a massive fucking fun sponge and everyone looks at you like you've just pissed on their chips"

Glaswegian 3 : "Yeah fuck that, I'd rather go to one of Michael Barrymore's pool parties"

Glaswegian 2 : "True that man...true that"
by El Capitaino July 12, 2011
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Edinburgh is a place full of prostitutes, junkies and poofters that take it up the shite pipe.
See that poof from Edinburgh, he takes it up the shite pipe the fucking bufter!
by Javinder April 14, 2006
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