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This is meant to bring the old phrase "in your face" into the 21st century. It is my belief that it is a clearer picture of the insult intended.
When OJ lost the civil suit the judge having handed down his sentence sumarized the corrected injustice of the criminal case by saying three simple words. "On your face."
by filson February 21, 2009
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The opposite to being off your face - being a responsible person who isn't intoxicated and doesn't endeavor/manage to somehow detach themselves from their complexion. If you are this, then you are on your face.
'I watched a documentary on BBC2 last night and ate some biscuits, I was completely on my face.'

'I'm going to get completely on my face tonight. Perhaps I'll read a book.'

'I was perfectly aware of getting home last night - I must have been completely on my face!'

'You look very normal, you must be on your face.'
by UncleVernon April 10, 2015
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