Verb: The act of Auto-filating one's self. (Giving yourself oral sex)
Chad Kroeger: "We'll I'm going to go to bed and Kroeger then have a nap."
by kyl_35 March 13, 2008
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A totally gross ass douchebag of a man. Such as Chad Kroeger lead singer of nickleback.

Characteristics include, Thinking you are THE SHIT!
That guy hitting on me was such a "Kroeger"
by JHYF August 18, 2009
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When a man has no friends, no money, and no sense, he doubles over to fellate himself.

Most partakers are from Alberta.
*Once after a Nickelback concert, featuring the dulcit tones of one Chad Kroeger, I fell down my stairs naked and my junk got stuffed into my northern trunk. It was then that I realized I had just done The Kroeger. What else could I do, "it was soft and required a lot of pulling.".

*See Playoby, April 2008.
by Capt Scotty March 11, 2008
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n. Lead singer for the worst band ever formed. Many people who have heard the agony usually slice their penises off and hurl them towards Kroeger not for sympathy, but as a defense mechanism to get him focused on something else as you run off a cliff.

semen addict
Kroeger: photograph

Rest of world and portugal: tighten our nooses
by Kirt Shu August 21, 2007
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Lead singer of Nickelback who has been singing while choking on a piece of steak he has been trying to swallow since the 90's.
Damn Chad Kroeger, swallow that piece of steak already.
by ItsNotFunBeingDifferent May 15, 2016
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