A common 21st century request women get from their men.

See also wood floor.
You: Hey, honey, it would be a major turn on if you shave it.

Her: Shave what?

You: You know what...
by Led Zeppole November 12, 2003
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The act of a female using some type of razor to whack off the bush that grows between her legs.
Dang! After muff diving that chick, I pulled 7 hairs from my teeth! She definatley needs to shave it.
by Wes November 12, 2003
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god damn she had a hairy ass cooch so i told her to go shave it
by peter November 12, 2003
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The London term for getting stabbed and either dying or critical condition
i ran down bkay bait faced on a mains and he got shaved
by deezfatnuts January 10, 2021
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The process of dragging a sharp metal blade across the face or legs to raise unwanted hair cells from the surface of the body and slice them off, often causing blood loss, pain and the possible need for small pieces of toilet paper to be attached to the face.

Shaving is carried out as a matter of comfort (men) or to conform to societies rules of attractiveness (women).
She slid the razor up her legs in the bath.
by Mark Randall November 23, 2004
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the end result of shaving.
usually refering to the pubic area
Shaved > all, except wax :)
by iTX March 6, 2004
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How guys like to refer to a smooth, hairless vagina.

They are of course wrong.

Fully shaved is prickly; only waxing can get that thing smooth.

David: Damn girl, I hope you're shaved!

Abby: David, you wouldn't LIKE it if I was shaved.
by Jalopy May 23, 2007
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