v. - to be knocked out with one punch; to get hit so hard you fall down and slide across the floor/ground henceforth the term "slid".
I bumped into this dude I had plex wit last night. I slid that fool into ray ray's car.

Yahh bitch, are you tryin' to get slid ?
by D Weezy December 12, 2007
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to get knocked the fuck outknocked out beat up
pooh! ole boy got slid at the club.
by d-mane April 16, 2008
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"All it takes is some C-note slid, To have you on the news askin if anyone seen yo' kid"- Fabolous
by Rzepa April 4, 2006
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Slidding is a word which describes the action of a Log of Andy Sixx's poop decending down your throat, as per the popular 4chan meme "Andy Sixx's Log". The extra "d" in the word, compared with the usual spelling is to account for the intensity of the experience.
"After the Black Veil Brides concert, that Fangirl had a Log from Andy Sixx slidding down her throat."
by The Britbong Logposter January 17, 2019
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Yo so this niggah kelvin is tryna get slid ; you wid it ?
by iivy February 28, 2009
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To slide ,pastence
I slid over to my buddies place the other night for a wiser and then i slid back home to slide straight under my bed covers. In the morning i slid out of my bed and slipped into some clothes for work. I then slid some toast in the toaster for breakfast. i ,then slid in my car and went straight to work to build sleds for winter.
by Hear Theflexingzone on Youtube September 7, 2018
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