Years of technology, money, and other screwed stuff.
Welcome to the 21st century! When lots of hot topic are out, when kids become famous for no absolute reason, when pop music is in our ears, when iphones and macbooks are in six year old's hand, where kids hang out in clubs and malls, AND when i finally understand how screwed and messed up this world is.
by andspenboyy January 9, 2017
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A crappy era where people only do anything for money. Presidents kill other countries for their things because they don't wanna share with them. Rappers constanly rap about money and women they don't really have and longer for the love of the game. Everything is big buisness and no longer for the fun of it.
Examples of 21st Century crap:
President Geogre W. Bush
50 Cent and Gunit
"The Cookout" and........."Soul Plane"
by Da Master K June 8, 2006
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21st century is an exact replica of the middle ages where only money, glory, sex, fun, celebrity, and power counts.
Guy 1: Ay, What the f*ck is this 21st century?

Guy 2: Come on Bob, lets buy a time machine.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
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The years from 2000 to 2999. The 21st century is often used to express how up to date people believe they are or something is.
Example 1: "I only listen to music from the 21st century - none of that old school crap."

Example 2: "I'm a 21st century teen. How do you expect me to relate to old people?"
by MusicianChick April 12, 2006
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(2000 - 2100-AD) A very depressing and rather harsh place, filled with guns and robots and the government always watching you. There are no rights, no freedom, and everyone is criticized for who they are and what they believe. 50% of all Americans end up in jail, and taxes will increase for both the rich and poor. Paradise will only remain with 0.5% of the world, while everyone else has to do exactly as they are told. It is slavery, and poverty, and homeless people roaming the forests butt-naked smoking a 17th century pipe. People live their lives exactly the way they were when they first became adults, and will lead depressing lives with 0% satisfaction. Suicide will increase by 75%, mainly for the middle-class people. of course, you could build a time-machine and go back to the old days, though the first test would probably kill every person on Earth, who wants to live a negative life anyways?
The 21st Century is hell. Do not be fooled by robots and techno music, for those were the old days.
by Stephan J. September 21, 2014
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Just another repeat of the 20th Century, but with more focus on globalization, the internet, climate change, alternative energy, (20th Century junk too) blah blah blah that crap along with the constant worry about some Biblical thug will cause some modern day Crusade and get another alliance with another 20th Century thing...Russia. And communism is spreading and you are not even knowing about it, and Muslim religion and Buddhism. History repeats itself. We still got Nukes, moral values and teaching are on the rise, mass communication, media, and they are still agriculure people aka as rednecks.
21st Century = 20th Century. 19th Century was way more cooler and original. Most kickass wars ever.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
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ayo the pizza here! oh, n word! ow, my ears burn! white people be like. then it go brap brap brap. black people be like. duggee. grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love. the kind of deals that make you *plants vs zombies victory theme* *fart noise* *taco bell noise* this n word really think he. "man licking camera* *fnaf hallway ambience sound* hellooooo i'm the nostalgia critic, i remember it so you- you give me fire, i give you rock. good deal. *gemma collins falls over* *nussy noise* *another fart noise*
that was some 21st Century Humor
by dimitri cumdump March 6, 2021
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