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To be spoilt or become defective.
I tried to cook a roast dinner but it came out all manky.
My bicycle's front wheel is manky.
by peter December 19, 2003
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this word is used to describe young sluts who take pictures of themselves giving blowjobs, etc.
by peter October 28, 2004
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a person who will happily pay the best part of a million pounds for a small terraced house in an 'up-and-coming' area and think that they got a good deal
'Joan and Bob have just bought a 3 bed house in Stoke Newington you know - it was only £600,000 and an excellent investment.'
by peter September 25, 2003
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To like someone with gusto. Not quite "love"
I lubba you.

I lubba the way you snuggle my penis.
by peter May 2, 2004
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The sexiness of all time. The women's lover. maximum intellgince.. Power over everyone.
That guy is a maximilien
by peter March 8, 2005
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