4 definitions by Jalopy

How guys like to refer to a smooth, hairless vagina.

They are of course wrong.

Fully shaved is prickly; only waxing can get that thing smooth.

David: Damn girl, I hope you're shaved!

Abby: David, you wouldn't LIKE it if I was shaved.
by Jalopy May 23, 2007
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When you spit a massive green grog from your throat and you spit it in your fine lady's asshole and punch it in with your meat sword
Excuse me miss May I toad punch my covid toad in your hershey highway?
by Jalopy December 23, 2022
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What guys try to use when they think another girl is being bitchy, but ends up sounding like a retarded jerk to other girls.

John: What is she, PMSing?! GOD.

Kate: John, what the hell...

Jackie: You're so immature.
by Jalopy May 23, 2007
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Standing in cat shit on your mates gravle driveway
I smell cat churn, jesus it's everywhere, why is there so much under the corsa!
by Jalopy August 21, 2023
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