A song by J Cole, Travis Scott, and Young Thug.
“You here The London yet? “
Not yet bro”
“Oh Thug kills that”
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The capital of England, but not the only city there. No americans seem to realise that not all english people are from london, and that we don't all eat crumpets and go on the hunt.
"Where are you from?"


"Oh my gawd, I love london"

"No, not London. Manchester."

"Oh my gawd, I love london"

"Err, no, I'm not from London but I am from england"

"Oh my gawd..." etc etc
by Anon March 22, 2005
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What some foriegners call England.
"Oh he lives in London"

"What the... i live in Birmingham not London"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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The Capital of the world, only rival New York. Incorporates the best of both Europe and America. Unlike in New York the Tube stations are Clearly signposted. Unlike New York the streets are all squigley and it is really really old. South of the river Thames is a mythical land that those on the North talk about in nervous whispers, but it actually isn't that bad and is fast becoming the only place in the city besides cardboard boxes that is affordable to live in. Stand in the middle of the Millenium footbridge and turn around in a 360 degree circle. Go on the London eye. Don't visit the London Dungeons. Go shopping on portabello road, or in Camden, not in Covent Garden. Go to the opera in Regent's park, and to speaker's corner in Hyde park on a sunday afternoon. Trafalger Square in the evening, Leicester square at mid-day. Karl Marx and Charles Dickens are buried in Highgate cemetary. Ealing is queen of the suburbs.
All of life is there.
by k8 May 2, 2004
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To Londoners the only place that exists in the UK, rather like a city full of the Flat earth society.
Outsider: I live in Wales.

Londoner: You must be made from Dark Matter!
by Don Ludd September 23, 2009
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London is a very beutyful girl. She can talk and be a savage but makes sure she gets her work done in school. She is really smart and u better not mess with her because she can beat your ass but if u be nice to her she will be nice to u. She is a very good friend and she will always stick up for her friends. She has super ligt brown eyes and dark dark brown hair. but she also may get mad at her friends but everytime u talk to her u will always have a smile on your face
Have u ever seen london at your school
by london ima bad bitch April 26, 2018
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The most schizophrenic, multicultural, cosmopolitan and straight-up brilliant city you'll ever visit.
'When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.' - Samuel Johnson, 1777.
by citizen e December 3, 2005
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