A man or woman who takes orders from another person, such as cooking, cleaning and washing, and usually gets payed very little for it.

Someone who serves someone of a higher rank.
Fret not, the servant is coming with the food soon.
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a follower of cool people. also 'public servant' referring to a person who is required to perform duties for others
bob: man i could go a coke
servant: oh bob i'll go get you one
by bob October 16, 2003
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Mythical being that has six octopus legs for optimal speed, four bodybuilder like arms, and usually carries a weapon or something to occupy his time (i.e. Football) in each hand. Sometime a servantes might have vampire teeth. They are usually covered in vintage tattoos and wear a king’s crown so that everyone knows how much ass he kicks. Covering his body would be sinful so they usually walk around naked, of in a revealing gladiator skirt so that all can see his massive seahorse shaped penis. Very few have ever seen a Servantes and if you do he is usually deetzing or shooting cum missiles on fine ladies.
Am I dreaming or is there really a servnates shooting cum missiles on those fine honeys?

Hot Female: I need a week off work, because i was up all last night deetzing with a Servantes
by deeeeetzing February 12, 2012
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1) serve the servants : is a song by the great Grunge (Punk) group Nirvana, written by one of the greatest artists (composer - songwriter - guitarist - singer) , thinker and intellectual who ever lived, Kurt Cobain
=> the servants in the song might refer to the media, his divoced parents, his girlfriend (wife), producers & labels, might be even fans & fame but more likely refer to the SOCIETY which is the combination of all those things gathered...
2) serve the servants : (in general) a way of saying "just give 'em what they want and then..." or also "just play their game 'till..." but with putting oneself in a superieur position of the wiser and the better as "a master that must be servant" or just simply being responsible, modest and wise.
- Yes i heard early this morning, so...what's the next thing to do ?
- Like any responsible accountant would do, i must serve the servants

- !!! With all due respect sir, the manifestations is spreading all over the town and the media is eating our faces off !!! what must i tell them ?
- Just serve the servants but be careful, don't say anything stupid 'till we think about a solution

- Ohhh crap !!! man what do we do now ?
- Just serve the servants, keep 'em busy and don't look at me (we need time) 'till i pick up my phone

Teenage angst has paid off well
Now I'm bored and old
Self-Appointed judges judge
More than they have sold

If she floats than she is not
A witch like we had thought
A down payment on another
One at salem's lot

Serve the servants - Oh no
by Sharker-than-you May 9, 2011
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Is a term used to describe a dedicated individual, also at times called a servant, when it comes to all things that encompass the schlong.
I was absolutely obliterating Jenny when she had multiple orgasms and tapped out. Most girls would call it a night, but not my Schlong Servant Jenny. Jen grabbed ahold of my Esophagus Annihilater and got me to the promise land. That is some Dong dedication!
by Tee Cee Deez April 10, 2020
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A monkey butler. Similar to the monkeys in the PG Tips adverts, but in a waistcoat, carrying a silver platter.
by The Artful Codger May 18, 2004
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