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Mythical being that has six octopus legs for optimal speed, four bodybuilder like arms, and usually carries a weapon or something to occupy his time (i.e. Football) in each hand. Sometime a servantes might have vampire teeth. They are usually covered in vintage tattoos and wear a king’s crown so that everyone knows how much ass he kicks. Covering his body would be sinful so they usually walk around naked, of in a revealing gladiator skirt so that all can see his massive seahorse shaped penis. Very few have ever seen a Servantes and if you do he is usually deetzing or shooting cum missiles on fine ladies.
Am I dreaming or is there really a servnates shooting cum missiles on those fine honeys?

Hot Female: I need a week off work, because i was up all last night deetzing with a Servantes
by deeeeetzing February 12, 2012
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He is a bitch that try to play in uno all day everyday he consistently takes L’s and continues to try and play you do not engage him you will be highly aggravated
Bruh servante keeps playing me in uno
by Haydn May 30, 2018
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