One of the most caring people in the world. He can be shy but, mostly, he’s very talkative and loves to make new friends. He makes you feel special; asking if you're okay. He'll always be there—to comfort, to talk, to listen if you need to vent and let out stress. Although he can be lazy at times, he’s very responsible and does what he needs to get done. He’s humorous and very outgoing, but sometimes he speaks without thinking and when he does, he’ll apologizing asap—almost instantly. He says he's ugly but he's not and has a smile so bright and so sweet, it's contagious. The only way he'll break your heart is when he's got a girlfriend and you can't have him. As a boyfriend, he's perfect. He's loyal and trusting. He's sweet, thoughtful, and caring. And he has great respects for his girlfriend—enjoying the time he spends with her to the fullest. He's very talented, as he has a love for music. He likes to sing and play the keyboard. He's often shy when showing his musical side, but when he sings, his voice is always strong and when he plays the keyboard, the sounds are always clear. He just doesn't realize how much of a sweet, caring, thoughtful, respectful, loving, loyal, and so much more of a friend—of a person—he is. And without him, so much, such as life-changing events, meetings, makings of friendships, and more, would not have happened. So, one should be very grateful to meet, or have met, such an amazing person, because I know, I very much am.
Martin's always there for me, so I'll always be there for him!
by ♥ Sylvia Y. S. ♥ April 28, 2020
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Martin is the name of a man who has built a barrier between his heart n the ppl he let's have it he is protective of who he let's in his life , he is always putting ppl before him , he is strong,handsome, and intelligent he is perfect he may have flaws but he shows thm proudly he is also has low self a steem but he never let's tht keep him down martin is the name of a man who is determined to change the world for the best .
Martin is a leader
by Jaytekz April 25, 2016
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unnatural super human thinking ability.. all ideas are pure put it simply.. THE WORD OF GOD
I've just had the best idea EVER .. I'm such a Martin
by dizzywitch79 February 26, 2013
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A sweet,caring,loving person. Be careful what you say to them because they take things very serious. All Martin's are savages and attractive. Some girls are really lucky if a Martin likes her. (Jacqueline) I wish....
I like Martin he is a savage .
by Jackreymartin June 7, 2017
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Someone who enjoys eating that booty like groceries.
by Peelikethee February 28, 2017
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An awesome one he is. Cares for everyone he does. Loved by all. And disliked by none. Get yourself a Martin. But not my Martin
Name:Martin / equivalent to a GOD
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Martin comes in all shapes, forms, and colors. Often mistaken for an apple tree, Martin can blend into the environment very well. There is a Martin around you somewhere don't be mistaken. There is fire in his pants. Martin is fucking awesome. Be afraid.
I hate him, he needs to be more like Martin.
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