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A way of being for a person with autism. Autism is not a disease. A lot of people feel desperately sorry for autistic people, and look for a cure, because autistics find empathising/conversing difficult. Many autistics are good at other things such as maths/physics, and rembering lots of information. Around 1 in 10 autistics show savant abilities, which may mean they can do VERY fast maths, or play a song they've heard once on a musical instrument without tution, and a variety of others.

A lot of people are oblivious to the concept of autistic adults, only thinking of autism being about children. This is not the case and many autistic adults (such as myself) have jobs and contribute to society like everyone else, and they are not always "high functioning".

Some Autistic people want to be cured, and that's fine if it's what they really want.
However, there are plenty of autistic people who would rather not edit themselves to conform to society's narrow defintion of "normal", of which I am one. The vast majority of people know nothing about autistic people who are HAPPY the way they are, which is a shame.
Pro-sure: "Oh look at that poor autistic child, his life must be so awful because he's different."
Anti-cure: "It's very likely Einstein was autistic, as well as a whole host of other people throughout history. How about appreciating autistic people for they are, not who you wish they were?"
by BJ_fse July 06, 2006
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Describing autistic people in terms of functioning levels is controversial. Some children are labeled as low functioning because of a speech delay, but they later learn to communicate and turn out to be intelligent.
Albert Einstein, who was confirmed to have been autistic by an autopsy of his brain structure, did not talk until he was five years old.
by underground aspergian July 13, 2005
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The cause of autism is unknown, but studies show that people with autism have larger brains than normal.
There are different kinds of autism. Low functioning, middle functioning and high functioning.

Some of the lower functioning people with autism have the intelligence of a baby, in which they can only scream, grab at your shirt, drool, and do other baby type stuff.

However, there are people that are autistic that are very smart, such as Bill Gates.

To people that generalize autistic kids as retarded, be quiet, because you're probably using Windows.
by Alexi March 17, 2004
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I don't know much about the technicals of autism. I do know some autistic kids personally. The ones I know usually socially isolate themselves to some extent. Some autistic kids are remarkably skilled in some area, and know a lot about things that someone would find very confusing.
My best friend's brother is autistic. He is socially awkward but he can name every country in the world and all the components of his computer with a description of their functions off the top of his head.
I knew another autistic kid who was amazingly awesome at street fighter for snes.
by yes.. NO!! May 22, 2005
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A person with autism
Although I'm autistic, I will be graduating from college next month, and I know alot about music.
by Karen Stickney May 13, 2006
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Formerly meaning a way to describe those with the developmental disorder autism characterized by a lack of social skills, extreme/low intelligence (depending on the severity), and other odd behaviours, it is now an insult/slang term used by trolls/failtrolls alike when they can't say anything better or think that it's cool to use a developmental disorder as an insult.
Normal YouTube Comment Section:

User: *commenting on a Minecraft vid*
Troll: What are you? Autistic??
User: No. ._.
Troll: Yes, autistic. lol

Oh look! It's a troll using autism as an insult! That hasn't been overdone by millions of other trolls in the last 2 years! *derp* (It is, but you should get the sarcasm implied here.)
by epic343 February 13, 2015
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A word that fuck boys on Youtube think is an insult. They make themselves look like retards in an attempt to look "cool" on the Cringe Channel, which is full of other fuck boys with no respect for other people.
*normal guy with anime profile pic comments on Youtube video*

Normal guy: "Great video man!"
Asshole: "Shut up weeaboo faggot kill yourself you autistic bitch!!!!!11!!!"
by Antihater August 08, 2015
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