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A car which can easily be mistaken for an abandoned fridge when parked.
Person 1: Now look, someone's left out a perfectly good metallic purple fridge.

Person 2: Is it a frigidaire?

Person 1: No its a scion XB "xtra brisk".
by Estehbahn July 03, 2006
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1. A brand of vehicles made by Toyota targeted towards the younger generation. The reason Toyota chose this name for there new line of vehicles has to do with my definition #2 and #3 below, Scion is supposed to be an heir to the throne of Toyota and is a descendant of previous brands and models produced by Toyota.

2. An descendent and/or heir to the throne.

3. A scion is a detached shoot or twing containing buds from a woody plant used in grafting plants in order to propagate.

4. A device of untold power in the video game Tomb Raider.
1. Jenny purchased a new Scion last week.
2. Louie is a scion to the throne
3. Scion is a term used in grafting.
4. The Atlantean Scion is capable of "powers beyond the creator himself".
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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1. A descendant
2. A detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting
3. The heir to a throne
In most cases, one plant is selected for its roots, and this is called the stock or rootstock. The other plant is selected for its stems, leaves or flowers, and is called the scion.
by non toxic June 15, 2006
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A resident of Scio, a town in Oregon, about 25 minutes away from Salem nestled away in a valley with lots of cover from prying eyes, and has earned a poor reputation as a result of the real and imagined events that happen there. This is the stereotypical Scion: animal-molester, tobacco chewer, meth maker/smoker, inbreeding hick, has a hot tub in their front yard, collects rusty cars and various metal goods, cuts hay in the summer, hates people from big cities or states, especially California, knowledgeable in the arts of chainsaw maintenance and deforestation (they mess up owl homes in fir trees), no respect for nature, and deep passion for anything black and orange (Oregon State Beavers and Stihl chainsaws). To them, orange and black is the sh*t. In school, the kids learn logging skills and horse around in the locker rooms. Kids have been known to spray Axe deodorant in the air (to get high) and rub feces on books. Scio has a great music program however. If you go to Scio, rent a rusty old truck as you drive through "downtown" so people mistake you for a local, and don't hurt your pets. Wear an orange and black shirt.
Girl: "Where are we?"

Taxi Driver: "We're entering a sh*tty part of town. Roll your windows up and put your electronics away. Lots of inbred meth smoking hicks live here, so there's a lot of crime. OMG, don't look, but that man is molesting a sheep!"'

Girl: "This is just like Scio! I hate that damn place! Scions are so twisted!"
by 101CoolCat101 December 27, 2011
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scion xB was made a box so it could fit the square entrances of parking garages in japan
by Haaan February 11, 2007
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A Toyota brand catering to kids that have seen "The Fast and the Furious" one too many times. At time of purchase, you are able to factory-rice your brand new scion.
have you seen the new scion commercial? the one where the guy spits all over the mic?
by BMW M Power August 23, 2008
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A new car company that is an offshoot of the Toyota/Lexus family. Cars are referred to as "boxes on wheels". They are actually fully customizable when you buy them and are quite inexpensive.
by only$19.99,less s+h January 10, 2004
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