1) 1967 Mercury Cougar (it was later T-bird based. The last one seemed Probish, but I am uncertain.)

2) 1979 Mercury Capri (original, then Mustang, then Mazda)
Of the 2 Mustang offshoots: The '67 Cougar was a unique Mustang based car. The 1979 Capri was too much like a Mustang.
by Gerald R. Ford June 3, 2006
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The economic historian Angus Maddison created the term "Western offshoots". According to Maddison’s classication, “Western Offshoots” consist of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Western Offshoots Wetern Europe
by Truthworks December 4, 2013
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to release a load of semen into the toilet while urinating after sex
David: "Hey that was nice, do you want to play monopoly right now"
Vivi: "Oh, not now, you know I have to drown the offshoots first. Plus, I would prefer to play scrabble."
by weivid June 5, 2007
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Of all the Mustang offshoots, my favorite is the current Avanti. It was originally a Studebaker. Then it became a Camaro based car. When the Camaro became extinct, Avanti switched to the Mustang platform.
by The Mustang Whisperer June 17, 2006
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a collateral or derived branch, descendant, or member of a total part
The prescription is an "offshoot" of the doctor...
by jocatrin October 5, 2017
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