Able to be customized. This word is used frequently in web development and marketing circles.
"The written content is customizable to your needs."
by Theo Creative November 10, 2017
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Ability to customize. Originally conceived and formulated in the West Covina. Generally used to describe vulnerability assessment software to prospective end users and to let them know the shit works.
The customizability of our software is the number one reason why people buy our product. You can find a buncha hackers, crackas, and angry chinamen breaking into your network.
by Hordale-pues August 24, 2004
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A Customizable Rules Game (or CRG) is a typically a designer card game that doesn't come with a default set of rules, but does come with attributes like that of Trading Card Games/Collectable Card Games.

There are only 2 requirements for a game to be considered as a CRG:

1. Though the games do not come with a set of rules by default, any rules the players come up with must be based on the theme of the game (ex: Pippin' Players uses a set 3 Red Royals and 3 Black Royals and their respective suits with either +1/+2/+3 (red) or -1/-2/-3 (black) as their value, so all rules must be based on traditional playing cards and use the values in some way (for that game in specific).

2. The cards must have attributes and values (ex: traditional playing cards do not have attributes, while Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon TCGs do have attributes) that distinguish how to play them.

An example is Chessmate, a card game with 6 unique cards, each with their respective dice pup (the number of dots) and to be successful with the move you must roll that value (like with a Checkmate you must role a value of 1 pip). Each card is numbered 1 pip to 6 pip like a six-sided dice.
Mike: What type of card game is Pippin' Players again?

Molly: Oh... Ok... You mean a Customizable Rules Game.
by Julius the Jules March 19, 2023
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